Asparagus/Climate Change/Woodchips/Washing Machine

by Lincoln Fishman, Sawyer Farm, Worthington, MA Lots of asparagus starting this week and going for the next few weeks. All the rain has made them very juicy and sweet. The endless rain and clouds have delayed the start of harvest, but this wonderful perennial seems happy and healthy anyway. That's about the only thing … Continue reading Asparagus/Climate Change/Woodchips/Washing Machine

Ep. 2: The Nut Farmers

In the second episode of the New Rural Advocate podcast, Seva Tower and Kalyan Uprichard, caretakers of Nutwood Farm, talk about how they aim to create something new and unconventional by seeking knowledge from the old and living according to their sense of what truly needs doing at this time - a radical alternative to … Continue reading Ep. 2: The Nut Farmers

Ep.1: New Rural Advocate Podcast

In the premier episode of the New Rural Advocate podcast, I interview my friend Lincoln Fishman, a local farmer. We chatted after dusk out on the porch of Lincoln's farm store. He shares how an impulse to teach urban Latino kids about where their food comes from eventually led him to quit teaching and become … Continue reading Ep.1: New Rural Advocate Podcast

A Farmer’s Serenity Prayer

My friend Lincoln Fishman farms Sawyer Farm in Worthington, Ma. He has built a strong local following for his produce. Using a team of horses to do much of work, he is demonstrating how intensive farming can improve depleted soil and provide excellent food. Perhaps most of all, he and his wife Hilary Costa have … Continue reading A Farmer’s Serenity Prayer