Friday Night Cafe: Nov. 27, 2020

The Friday Night Cafe takes place at the Cummington Village Church, 32 Main Street, on the second and fourth Friday of each month from September to June. In this time of COVID-19, instead of a live show at the cafe, performers have the option of making “at home” audio only, self-recordings with whatever tools they have available: from phones to recording studios. We will be posting a collection of these recordings once each month on either the second or fourth Friday. Looking ahead, we are exploring the possibility of live streaming until we can safely return to “real” live music.

Back at the end of October (when November’s theme had to be picked) the election had not happened yet, the virus was ramping up and everything just seemed so…threatening. We decided to keep it simple and chose “Love Songs” as the theme for this month. Not that love is necessarily simple, but it felt like something we could probably all connect with. What follows are four “Love Songs” two from Brendan Leowolf and two from One Part Luck.

First up is “Just One Thing” by One Part Luck. Near the end of his life, Doc Watson spoke of how grateful he was that the Creator had put music in the world for us to discover. His thought led One Part Luck to wonder what other gifts had been placed here for us to find.

Next up is “Just a Moment” from Brendan Leowolf. In his words: “maybe an audio version of the butterflies before you ask someone to dance.” Love it.

And from One Part Luck on a lighter note: “If I Was

Closing it out is Brendan Leowolf’s take on a George Jones classic: “You’re Still On My Mind

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