In These Hills #1 – Christy Knox

In These Hills with John Bye.

One of the forces behind the Friday Night Cafe hosted at the Village Church in Cummington (and hosted digitally here at the New Rural Advocate during the pandemic), John Bye has lived in this rural western Massachusetts town for more than 30 years.

Recent events led him to realize he needed to learn more about friends, neighbors and others in his town, many of whom he has known for years. In a divided time, it’s a search for common ground among those who live… In These Hills.

Listen to the Podcast Introduction.

You may also listen to John’s premier episode with Christy Knox, a potter who raised a family in Cummington a few years behind John’s kids.

Episode 1: Christy Knox, Potter

Additional episodes coming soon!

Guests will include Jeanette Horton, Ernie Strong, and others…

Visit In These Hills to hear the podcast, and don’t forget to share the link with your friends!

One thought on “In These Hills #1 – Christy Knox

  1. It’s Lucy Fandel here. We met through our CERT training. My partner, Wynne, and I live on Potash Hill.
    Thank you SO much, John, for doing these podcasts. I have been inspired and in admiration of the people from Leverett participating in “Hands Accross the Hills.”
    I see your podcasts in the same Light, for which I am grateful. Your first interview with Christie was great, your questions, where you took the conversation and Christine’s thoughtful, reflective very articulate responses. Thank you!


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