In These Hills # 14 – Marc Hoechstetter

John Bye has lived in rural western Massachusetts for more than 30 years. In a divided time, this podcast documents his search for common ground among those who live…In These Hills.

In this episode John talks with Marc Hoechstetter. Marc grew up in France. As a teenager he had his first contact with Cummington when his family spent the summer here in 1966. Post-college, in 1975, he settled here with his soon-to-be wife, Deb. Forty seven years later, he (and Deb) are still here… in the house where he spent that summer in ’66. A Coureur des bois (woods runner) in spirit and practice, he has deeply immersed himself in our hilltown woods and waters. Cool connection with W.C. Bryant, and sweet Cummington Moments. Enjoy.

Episode 14 – Marc Hoechstetter

Episode 15 coming soon.

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3 thoughts on “In These Hills # 14 – Marc Hoechstetter

  1. I love listening to these. Thanks for making and posting them, John. I truly appreciate your effort. Love, Laura


  2. Thank you John. I’m in East Windsor, next door neighbor to West Cummington folks – kindred spirits. What a perfect thing you have created to help us feel connected to our neighbors, past, present and future!


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