In These Hills #16 – Steve Emerson

John Bye has lived in rural western Massachusetts for more than 30 years. In a divided time, this podcast documents his search for common ground among those who live…In These Hills.

In this episode John talks with Steve Emerson. Steve can trace his West Cummington lineage back to his great grandparents. Though native to West Cummington, he has lived most of his seventy four years in Cummington. As a boy he knew, that like his dad, he would be a fireman some day. He has now served the people of Cummington as a fire fighter for well over half a century. Committed to helping rural communities, he’s got a half century with the Grange under his belt as well. Enjoy his straight-forward reflections on his life in our town.

Episode 16 – Steve Emerson

Episode 17 coming soon.

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